Running For A Good Cause

Running For A Good Cause

It’s appropriate for me to launch our campaign for Judge with a little story about running.

SM_famRunRunning – and athletics in general – has always been a part of our family dynamic, from back in the days when my dad used to run, you know, BEFORE it was cool to do so. So when I took up running again, long after a knee reconstruction in law school, it became something more than exercise to me.

How so?

Running helps me clear my mind and allows me to resolve any pressing issues and is an opportunity to get away from cell phones, computers, TV, etc…. to help me consider things without distraction.

SM_Run2I enter about every 5K race I can find, and I have several favorite routes locally.  One is around the St. Vincent College campus and through downtown Latrobe.  Another one is on the Five Star Trail from Greensburg to YoungwoodI also enjoy running around the neighborhoods of Greensburg.

I haven’t given the idea much thought—but there’s a parallel to be made between running around the county, and running for Judge. Both demand personal commitment that is consistent, focused and long-term. And both are far more satisfying a journey if you keep putting one foot in front of the other throughout the communities in which we live.

I’m looking forward to “running” door-to-door throughout the county as much as possible in my upcoming campaign. Because whether or not I earn your vote for Judge, I’ll be a better man (and better runner) for the experience.

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