Vote Jim Silvis for Judge: Qualified & Fair. Steady & Consistent.

For Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Westmoreland County.

No matter what brings you into a courtroom, there are certain expectations of a judge.

Most people expect deep and diverse knowledge of the law, an impartial viewpoint, rigid but fair application of the law, and an honest belief that each side deserves the opportunity to be heard in court.

We want our judges to be elected reflections of ourselves – at home, at work and in the community.

In other words, judges should represent our community’s values, so that tough, fair decisions can be made by strong, qualified people sitting on the bench. Judges who are FROM here, and FOR here; reflecting the very heart of Westmoreland County.

That’s Jim Silvis – Sound judgment. Strong values.

From Jim

Why vote for me as Judge?

As a judge, I will treat everyone who comes before me with respect and fairness, and provide each person with the opportunity to truly be heard. I also recognize the importance of working closely with the parties involved to try and resolve issues between themselves, prior to trial.

I have a diverse legal background with experience in numerous areas of law that will enable me to understand the unique issues presented by each case.

I have no agenda other than:

  • To ensure that each party has had their rights protected.
  • To make my rulings in an impartial manner after hearing all the evidence.
  • To treat each person with the respect they deserve.

As a lifelong resident of Westmoreland County, I care deeply about our community and would appreciate the opportunity to preserve and protect all that it has to offer.